Sunday, May 18, 2008

Workout Sunday 18 May

Stinson Beach CA
5:00 PM

* All pulling movements & suspensions done using the Lifeline Jungle Gym
* All Handstands & push-ups on the push-up board

1) Joint Mobility for 10 min

2) Handstand Push-Ups

3) Handstand Hold for time

4) Pistols

5) Single-Leg Calf Raises
on the lifeguard tower ladder

6) Iranian Twisting Push-Ups

7) Rotating Chin-Ups

8) Scorpion Push-Ups

9) Rotating Chin-Ups

10) Bear Squat/Dive-Thru Push-Ups

11) Rotating Chin-Ups

12) Hindu Push-Ups

13) BW Rows

14) Straight-Arm Pec Flies

15) Straight-Arm Rear Deltoid Flies

16) Double-Leg Curls

17) Alternating Hamstring Curls

18) 2nd set of Alternating Hamstring Curls

19) Roll-Outs
from the feet into a Superman

20) Roll-Outs from the Knees

21) Slow, High-Tension Sit-Ups

22) All-Out 20-sec Sprints x 6
w/ about 1-min recovery between sprints

* I made a line in the sand, sprinted out 20-sec. strategically placed two Coke cans, then walked back to my starting position. Rinse and repeat.


Morning: 2 pemmican bars

Afternoon: 1-pint container of pulled pork
couple ounces of cheese
couple spoonfuls raw sauerkraut

Pre-workout: 10 gr BCAAs

Post-workout: 20 gr BCAAs; 1 pint kombucha tea

Evening: 1 pint cream of greens & nettle soup
1 pint picadillo (spiced ground beef & pork)
couple ounces of raw cheese
handful of pork rinds


Clint said...

Awesome workout! Thanks again for sharing your workout and nutrition regimens with the world.

I'll be hitting the beach (Oregon Coast) in a couple of weeks, and definitely plan to implement some of your ideas. There's nothing like working out OUTdoors!

BTW, I've implemented your nutrition regimen (20% cals from carbs, w/ good quality protein and fat) tailored to my individual dietary needs, and have experienced great results in areas of fat loss (lost 3%), lean mass retension/building, higher energy levels and lower inflammation. I know that when I see you in September for the seminar I'll have achieved my goal of 8% bf (now currently at 13%).

PS - I'd love to see a weekend or weeklong (camp style) seminar/training cert that goes over your entire system. You offer so many versatile training concepts (i.e. joint mobility, bodyweight, kettlebell, sandbag, pushup board, clubbells, rope climbing, etc.) it'd be awesome to experience everything in one program. Hell, you might as well throw jiu-jitsu and submission grappling in the mix as well!

Keep up the excellent work!


dave parsons said...

Awesome morning Steve,,,,,,,,,so what did ya do in the afternoon?? :) (holy crap!!!) Dave (see you in Bow)

Tara said...

Love your blog!
Love the bodyweight stuff.
Love the dietary advice.

I got on a low carb diet this winter after years of chronic fatigue, feel way better, and have started doing Pilates.

My boyfriend is 59, overweight, exhausted, and has some of the usual aches and old injuires (back, knees, etc.).

My quest for health seems to be giving him a bit of hope, but my question is:
What, if anything, can I do to help him?
I figure I should just keep on, and hope he gets encouraged.
Any advice for how to be a supportive gf in this situation would be appreciated!


Mich said...

Awesome Workout!
What is the name of the pushup you're doing in the vid?

Steve Maxwell said...

Hi Mich,

It's a scorpion push-up.

Steve Maxwell said...

Thanks Tara,

Keep inspiring him. Be a haven for him, not an authority. As you improve in your own quest, displaying more vitality and vigor, he will naturally desire what you've got. Be generous and kind.

Steve Maxwell said...

Hey Clint,
Thanks for the comment. Let me know how the Oregon trip goes. I'd love to do a week-long seminar, like you describe. I have a candidate to co-present, but haven't thought it all through yet. There are a lot of people requesting this and I intend to deliver.

Steve Maxwell said...


See you in Bow is right. really looking forward to it.

Mauro said...

Great Workout Steve!

You're very functional Man!

Mauro Aquilini

Steve Maxwell said...

Good to see you, Mauro!

zevenesh said...

Good stuff Steve! You've had lots of BW training on the blog, how are you using the K-Bells in your training now?

Looking forward to rocking the house w/you on July 12th!


Steve Maxwell said...

Hey Zach!

I went through a brief cycle of not using kettlebells, but now, once again, I'm using them in earnest. I had a brutal workout today at the beach...details upcoming. I did a private cert yesterday for a group of BJJ students and it was phenomenal. I went over my new series for combat athletes and the guys--and girls--went crazy for it. We did over eight hours of material without covering the same thing twice. Then we put on our gis and rolled...put some steaks on the bbq...then watched BJ Penn beat Sean Sherk like he stole from him. A day that dreams are made of...

Wait until our guys get a load of the new kinetic chains I've put together at the Edison NJ seminar. Didn't I blow your mind this time! Maybe we should have a mental health worker on site...Steve