Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Body Weight Seminar

Last weekend I presented my Body Weight Conditioning and Joint Mobility seminar. The event was hosted by my good friend, Mike Mahler, and the venue was Mark Philippi's (former World's Strongest Man) Sports Institute in Las Vegas.

Mike is a genius, and has done so much for me, that here I'd like to express my heartfelt thanks for all his help and support.

Mark's gym is an amazing wonderland of the coolest equipment around. Big toys for big boys (and girls). Tractor tires for flippin'; hammers for beatin'; ropes for haulin'; round stones for liftin'; more steel implements than a skyscraper, and an extremely knowledgeable and friendly staff. How many gyms do you know with a 50-meter track for sprints?

I had a great group of guys to work with and I unveiled my new push-up board conditioning system (click here if you missed it). Someone mentioned that talk on a fitness forum where a guy posted he could go to Home Depot, buy the materials and make his own push-up board. Well, right on, if you like doing that sort of thing, have the tools, time and handy skills--that's how I made mine! Then I showed it to my friend C-Ray and he thought we should share them with the world and went about getting it done. Anyway, have at it. Here's a little secret, though: It ain't the board--it's what you do with it. On the accompanying DVD I demonstrate 25 kick-ass conditioning exercises. Many of these are Maxwell originals.

Back to the seminar. Besides covering safety issues regarding pain-free pull-ups, push-ups and squats, a whole array of of upper-body pulling and pushing, and lower-body movements were learned. The Maxercise Mobility System was covered in great detail with every part of the body outlined.

We wrapped up the afternoon with a famous Maxwell man-maker workout. Everyone left tired and happy. If you missed this one, I'll be presenting another, this time a teaching certification, 20 July at Maxercise in Philadelphia. I vow to leave no stone unturned in the landscape of mobility and body weight conditioning. Check my site for events in your area, I'd like to meet you.




Side-Press problem

Q: I am incorporating the side press into my routine to try and boost my military press. I can currently MP the 32kb bell once and so I am using the same bell for SPs in a low rep/high set approach. I am right side dominant, but completed ten sets of three with my left hand on the SP last night, whereas I could only complete five sets of three with my right (then some singles). Is this because my stronger right side is used in straightening up under the left-handed press, or do you think I just have better technique with my left side? When pressing with my right, the press itself was difficult, but straightening up was what really killed it.

A: Never do more for the strong side than the weak side or you'll create an imbalance.
BTW it's doubtful that the side press is going to help your mil press all that much.

Side press is a great exercise, but it's my experience that it won't translate all that much to military press. It is a nice variation and there's no reason not to do it.

In Strength & Health,


Mich said...

The pushup board and DVD is VERY tempting--but have to save $$$ for my wedding!! Maybe a wedding gift?

BTW--I'll be at the San Jose seminar and bringing my sister and fiance! Just did the Heaven and Hell workout the first time this morning and the Deck Squats were a KILLER.
Keep up the GREAT work--and keep BLOGGING!

Steve Maxwell said...

Thanks, Mich! I look forward to meeting you all in September. Great idea: a pushupboard.com wedding registry, ha!

william said...

I put 7/20 in my book.

Check out my review of your blog on my friend Rant's blog.


Scroll down to " MAxwell is Always Right"

Steve Maxwell said...

Bill, thanks!
I like the way you rant and I'm honored to be your subject, but wait...are you making fun of the Speedo?

Mike Mahler said...


Great course and the beginning of many such great courses. Thanks for the push-up board. I am using it every morning for hindu pushups.


william said...


Anonymous said...

The pushup board arrived last night. The woodworking is simple and elegant. The surprise was the joinery. I expected just butt joints, glue and screws. The joinery includes either dowels or sunk screws with plugs. Good job. The only thing that I do not like about it is the “pushupboard.com” logo routered into the top of board. A simple brand on the bottom would have been better. This board should last for a long time.

Just for chuckles I am making a pushup board using scrap oak. The shape and dimension of Maxwell’s pushup board and mine are nearly identical. But I used mortise and tenon joinery. It has taken my about 15 hours to cut the boards and six joints and dry fit the pushup board. All the joints were cut by hand. This weekend I plan to “fume” the wood to give it that dark oak finish look. Overall I expect to spend a few more hours finishing this project. Since my hourly rate as a lawyer is in excess of $500/hour, my pushup board would cost approximately $10,000, excluding depreciation of my tools.

As soon as I get the dvd, I’ll post a review.

Overall – 4-1/2 stars out of 5.

Steve Maxwell said...

Mike, Thank YOU!

Anonymous: Thanks for the review. I made my original push-up board out in my GF's front yard with borrowed tools from the landlord. I made four of them and I still have one I use for my own workouts as well as my clients. The new boards are made by a furniture manufacturer in NC and are better constructed than my home-made board.

Ryan said...

What a great way to spend my 30th, having 50-year+ old guys whoop up on me... Haha. Seriously, it was a mind blowing seminar and really opened my eyes to a world of ways to pursue health. Coach, you and Lance are inspirations!

I took my push up board out tonight and did atomic push ups with my feet on a swing down on the beach, followed by some twisting half crescent push ups. (Just a few... I think I need a couple more years to catch up with you old timers.) I also look forward to the DVD shipping and beginning to accel at the things where I'm currently weak.

Thanks Mike for helping organize this!

Steve Maxwell said...

Hey Ryan!

Thanks for the message. Sounds like you're doing great. keep it up.
You're right, Lance is a specimen with a great build and a nice guy, too. What'd you think of those Atomic Push-ups? Good for you, keep training the weak aspects.