Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Rumble at the Underground Gym

Last Saturday, at Zach Even-Esh's Underground Gym, we put on the Gladiator Strength Seminar. Zach and I had been pepping each other up over the phone for weeks, with all the great stuff we planned to unleash for our guests. We couldn't have planned it any better than it turned out. Zach's gym is a wonderful playground with a vast array of functional equipment. There are kettlebells for swingin'; giant tires for flippin'; sledgehammers for poundin'; sand bags for heftin'; sleds for pullin'; prowlers for pushin' rings; ropes chains, for what-have-you; and several tons of weights, in the form of Olympic barbells and dumbbells. All this in a Rocky-esque garage out in New Jersey.

Zach and I pulled out all the stops. We demo'd all our favorite techniques and moves and wowed the attendees. At the end of the day everyone was tired, but happy. The testimonials were all rave reviews. It was very satisfying to know my efforts were appreciated. For those of you unable to attend, great news: Zach and I recorded every golden nugget of information for a DVD which will be available on our respective websites. Now you can have Zach and Steve present a kick-ass seminar right in your own living room! Better yet, put the DVD in your laptop, take it outside and set it up on a picnic table and follow right along with some of the cutting-edge techniques we deliver.

The bad news is my loely assistant, in a single, awful moment, accidentally deleted all the photos of the seminar from the camera's memory card. And they were fantastic, beautiful shots, too. Don't hate!

The good news is Zach stepped up, like he always does, and provided this tasty video clip, a tour of his gym--enjoy it! If you're able, go check it out in person, what a blast the place is.

One of the highlights of the Gladiator Seminar was when I taught my newly revised ab, back and core segment. I've put together a grueling sequence of exercise movements that work synergistically to produce amazing results in abdominal strength and development. It's all based on body weight moves--no equipment required except your living room carpet. It's not the exercises per se, but the sequencing that makes it so effective. It's all balanced out by my special lower back program. At 55, my abdominals have never looked better and my back is strong, healthy and pain-free. For those of you who would have liked to attend, you get a second chance: Sunday 20 July I present my first Body Weight Trainer's Certification. Not only will you learn my unique sequences, but you'll learn how to teach to others, even the de-conditioned. Click here for more info.

Ask Coach!

Q: The Spartan 300 Workout is great! How many times a week should I do the DVD?

A: Thanks!
Do it no more than 3 times a week on non-consecutive days.
It's a brutal workout. If you want to mix in weights, do weights on one of the non-consecutive days.

Q: I was curious about your KB program outlined in the original RKC.
I compete MMA and think this training is perfect for my S+C. But I was curious about the split: I've been doing the circuit Mondays and Fridays and doing the snatch work Wednesdays and Saturdays. Too much or too little?

P.S. ...I was wondering what kind of training you would personally recommend to MMA fighters.

A: I don't know how much MA training you're doing but if you compete it's probably considerable. Doing so much KB work combined with all the MA is a recipe for over training.

Probably cut the KB routines to no more than once per week each routine.
The most valuable training is your skills training.

What kind of training I'd personally recommend?

A. Depends on the event, ie, length of time of the fight
B. Depends on the rules of the event, ie, amateur or pro level
C. Depends upon the weaknesses and strengthes of the fighter, meaning, I'd have to observe him to see what to train

Consider trying out my online training services. My clients, several of whom are MMA fighters, are getting excellent results.


Mich said...

When will the DVD be available?

Steve Maxwell said...

Very soon. It's being edited now.
I can't wait to see it myself!