Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Body Weight Trainer's Certification

On Sunday 20 July I presented my first Body Weight Trainer's Certification. Drawing from over 36 years experience, the course content came from many diverse disciplines: wrestling, martial arts, yoga, gymnastics and military training.

This was the first time test-driving the material in a certification format. There was such a vast amount of material to cover that I realize now it takes two days to get through it all. I also see a place for a level 2 certification.

Teaching this course was a BLAST since body weight exercise is one of my favorite ways to work out. Everyone who attended had a great time and said their money was well-spent.

Here's an especially nice email that arrived the next day:

Steve, John and the Maxercise Staff,
Just wanted to a thank you and kudos for a wonderful day filled with
practical and applicable knowledge. It was money well spent. Steve,
you are truly an inspiring human being and reaffirm my faith in a
physical culture. I am sorry I could not stay the extra time!
Those of you who take the time to send me emails, know that I really appreciate them. There's a post-seminar energy crash and getting a thoughtful email is a wonderful balm.

Some subjects covered in the body weight trainer's certification:

* How to teach beginners basic push-ups, pull-ups & body weight squats safely
* Wrist, elbow & shoulder alignment techniques to prevent overuse injuries
* How to balance the shoulder joints to keep them pain-free
* Spinal & core alignment for a healthy back and a stronger, more streamlined mid-section
* Dozens of push-ups, pull-up and squat variations
* Proper handstand technique
* Proprietary Maxercise combinations & complexes
* Ways of using calisthenics as a superior means of cardiovascular exercise
for superior athletic performance and fat loss

My favorite moment? Running everyone through my special push-up board exercises, of course! One in particular: a sprinter-lunge sequence that really had everyone sitting up and taking notes...video clip below.

The feedback has been tremendous and we're already planning the next cert. Stay tuned to this site or the Maxbells site if you missed this one. Attendees also receive a video of the cert.

Thanks for reading!
In Strength & Health,


hapless said...

You are cranking out the VIDS! Will this one be available for purchase on your website soon?

The seminar looked GREAT--thanks for sharing.

zevenesh said...

that push up board kills! i don't think people know just how darn awesome it is!

we miss you here in NJ already Steve! talk soon bro!

Peter said...

Ditto on what hapless said.

You're drivin' us nuts with the anticipation.

Again, you've got my vote for a seminar series in California :)

Peter said...

Are most of the chin-up/pull-up variations that you recommend doable on a Jungle Gym type handle setup, with the suspended handles essentially not connected to each other?

Central to the push-up board is the connection between the hands that the board provides. If there's an analogous thing going on with pull-ups, that'd be a reason to invest in a bar as opposed to handles, alone.

Steve Maxwell said...

Hi Hapless,
The video is being finished now. I'm sure it will be ready soon and I'll definitely mention it in my blog when it's available!

Steve Maxwell said...

Hi Peter,
No, most of the pull-up variations are not doable on the Jungle Gym and yes, that is the reason to invest in a bar BUT the all-important Body Weight Row can't be performed on a pull-up bar, so you'll need the JG, too. The JG also provides for Dips, leg curls, atomic push-ups, flyes...

Steve Maxwell said...

Peter, OTOH if budget is tight and it has to be "either/or" I'd take the Jungle Gym over the pull-up bar.

Shaun said...

Is the DVD going to include the ab, back and core segment you went over at the seminar with Zach Even-Esh?

I'm enjoying the blog a lot!

Steve Maxwell said...

Hi Shaun,
The ab circuit will be included but even better I'm shooting another video: "Gladiator 6-pack Abs" in late August. Shall I put you down for a copy? Thank Zach Even-Esh for the title and me for the aching belly.

Shaun said...

"Abs-olutely" put me down for one! I subscribe to your RSS feed, so whenever you put it up, I'll be placing an order. Great idea.