Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I am very excited and looking forward to teaching one of my favorite subjects: How to work with the greatest, most ingenious machine ever created...the human body. This body weight conditioning and joint mobility seminar will take those who attend to the next level. After this weekend the participants will never be gym or equipment dependent again. I'll show techniques and variations that can't be found on DVDs and you'll get the opportunity to try them first hand...with the ol' Coach closely supervising. Remember: YOU are the machine. It really peeves me when I hear people complain about missing workouts or being "unable" to work out because there wasn't a gym at the hotel, or the gym where they're staying totally sucks. Absolutely no excuse! Exercise takes no vacation...nor prisoners. Take this seminar and EVERY room becomes a gym--even your jail cell!
  • I'll reveal my special push-up secrets so that you'll be able to perform push-ups evermore with pain-free shoulders and elbows
  • I'll teach you how to pull your own weight--even if you have a fat ass--in a way that you'll never miss those free weights--or kettlebells--at all
  • Learn how to do the Maxercise Leg Matrix, to fill out those quads, calves and hammies, so your upper body won't have to sue your lower body for support!
  • Learn the newly revised Four-Corner Balance Drill--for foot, ankle, calf, knee and hip strength and stability
  • I'll teach you one-arm push-up and pistol progressions
  • The Maxwell Daily Dozen--for youthful vigor, vitality and all-around anti-aging
  • I'll share with you The Maxercist--in its many guises--which may be the ULTIMATE in full-body conditioning and cardio
  • Learn how to use The Maxwell Push-Up Complex to strengthen and condition every muscle in the body from the toes to the nose.
  • This exercise sequence will make you like a coiled spring and always ready! My girlfriend has banned me from using it within 100 yards...unless she's well-rested.
  • I'll also be revealing some of my special abdominal routines that have turned the Coach's six-pack into an eight-pack--that's a 33% value increase!
I love this stuff; I love teaching this stuff and I truly hope you'll sign up and join me at Mark Philippi's gym in Las Vegas on Saturday 10 May from noon until 6 PM

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A special note to those of you who've already signed up: We're going to have a blast. See you there!

In Strength and Health,

Coach Steve

P.S. I hope to unveil my new fitness product if it's released in time.


For those of you who can't make the Las Vegas trip, I'm doing a special appearance at Joe Egan's Karate Academy in New Hampshire 31 May-1 June.

For the next five sign-ups I'm offering complimentary copies of the Spartan 300 Workout.
Hey, come on man, baby needs a new pair of shoes!

At Joe's I'll be presenting the Maxercise Kettlebell Strength and Mobility Series, for superior performance in martial arts. Even if you're not a martial artist, you'll get great health and fitness benefits from following this specially-sequenced exercise chain...even as few times as twice a week.

Eastern healing systems were grounded in knowledge of the martial arts. Many of the techniques are considered, as the Russians put it, "poisonous exercise" where you build resiliency in areas that are vulnerable to damage. It's a form of injury-proofing the joints.

The second day at Joe's I'll show some awesome grappling techniques that are sure to put all that conditioning to good use--no gi required.

So if I don't see you in Vegas, get thee to New England and we'll pass the clam chowder around! click here for more info


william said...

Do this one in philly!

Steve Maxwell said...

Hi William,
You can bet this will be presented in Philly. John DiSimone and I are working on a cert.

Anonymous said...

Steve, Looking forward to your New England seminar. I'm looking forward to meeting another "veteran" who is dedicated to the pursuit of physical excellence and lives for the gift of another day to pursue it. Dave Parsons

BamBam said...

Will you be making a video of this. I can't go due to prior commitments but would love to see it.

BamBam said...

I would love to see it. I have a prior commitment. Is there any plans of making a DVD of the bodyweight training workshop.

Steve Maxwell said...

Hey Dave!

Thanks for the note--looking forward to seeing you, too!

Anonymous said...


Can't wait for your New England seminar! I'm really curious to see and hear how you've incorporated your experiences with yoga, and the AKC approach to kb's into your repetoire. Anyone in Southern ME and NH, don't miss this training opportunity!

Doug Boutot

Steve Maxwell said...


Wait until you see the shoulder sequence. Thanks for writing and I'll see you all soon.

Steve Maxwell said...


sorry for the delayed reply. Not all the comments go to my inbox, some show up elsewhere and I miss them. There was no video made of the workshop but I'm shooting five new DVDs in late August and BW exercise is sure to be a topic. Also there's a BW cert in July at Maxercise.