Friday, June 20, 2008

Tahitian-Style Beach Pump

I've been visiting Tahiti and Moorea for the last two weeks, and while I've been here I took my honey to the most popular beach on Tahiti. It was a bright, sunny day--and bloody hot. The water, a stunning shade of turquoise, was incredibly soothing and tranquil. After beachcombing, swimming, and just plain lying about on the sand all day, round about sundown, I decided it was time to break out my trusty, versatile, travel companion, the Lifeline Jungle Gym. The Tahitian people we'd encountered were so beautiful to behold, I was inspired to do some old-school body building with the best machine ever: the body itself. I borrowed from the basic school of gymnastics-assistance exercises. Have you ever seen a gymnast with a poor build? Most look like Greek statues come to life. The mainstay for gymnasts and circus acrobatics performers is body weight exercise.

We chose a large, shady tree to attach the Jungle Gym. We had to pay off a couple local dogs with some of our beef jerky, and they soon lost interest in our activities. I didn't realize, until later, that we were in someone's front yard! The native people here build comfortable and cool little shacks, literally upon the water's edge. Because the local flora also grows up to the water, the domiciles can be hidden from view. It's hard to know what's private and what's public around here. The beaches are small, narrow, and fairly steep--unsuitable for sprinting. The really wonderful thing is the hospitality and friendliness of the Tahitians. Here I was, making a spectacle of myself, and my bikini-clad ingenue, in someone's front yard! Hence, the dogs' vested interest...yet the inhabitants were smiling, friendly and gracious. Two little kids climbed the tree above us and peered down from the branches, fascinated by the strange goings on. Two teenage boys were just as amiable. They even shooed the dogs off, who weren't even bothering us anyway. Imagine being at the Jersey shore--or Marin County--on someone's private beach--they would have sicced those pit bulls on us--after calling the police! The Tahitians have a history of graciousness and hospitality.

Now, for the workout we did:

1) Handstand Push-Ups

2) Handstand Hold, for time

3) Chin-Ups , with Knee-Raise Combination, on Jungle Gym
this is a real abdominal smoker!

4) Dips on the Jungle Gym

5) Reverse Rear Delt Flys, on Jungle Gym

super set with:

6) Body Weight Rows

7) Body Weight Pec Flys

super set with:

8) Push-Ups, on the Jungle Gym

9) Abdominal Roll-Outs, from the feet

10) Atomic Push-Ups (Pike-Up, with feet in Jungle Gym stirrups, followed by a Push-Up)
another extreme abdominal exercise

11) Arm-Elevated Bicep Curls, on Jungle Gym

12) Tricep Extensions, on Jungle Gym

13) Single-Leg Calf-Raises

14) Pistols, aka One-Leg, Flat-Foot Squats

15) Leg Curls, with Hip Raise, on Jungle Gym

I felt great after this workout. It was noted by my companion that I had a tremendous pump...and a magnificent sweaty sheen. She told me I looked like a Cirque du Soleil performer just off his shift under the hot lights. She asked to take me home for a private performance...I'm telling you guys: start working out with your girlfriend or wife (but not both!)

The elevated T-levels from working out with your significant other can't be beat. It raises her levels also, making for an adorable bit of aggression. My GF performed this same workout, with some modifications. It was a wonderful way to spend some time in this Paradise.

**************************************************************** ASK COACH! ****************************************************************
For the Maxwell Daily Dozen (click here) how many reps should I perform for each movement? I currently do 10.

Between 10 and 50. For areas that are extra stiff, do more reps, up to 50.

Q: ...last year I was in a motorcycle accident...Broke ribs and had herniated disc....with some physical therapy and my own working out eventuallyI came back, lost 60 lbs and did get stronger, unfortunately during my recovery my wife of 19 years had an affair.... we're divorced now. It's been a hell of a year and the stress of it all has worn my adrenals down, exercise has become... an integral part of my recovery and I don't want to give it up but the road I am going on now will only wear the adrenals down more. I don't want to give up exercise and gain...weight either. I need a program that will help my fatigue. Right now the more I work out the more tired I get...overtraining!

A: Exercise is like medicine: it can heal you but it can also kill you. Like all strong medicine, more is not better--it's dose-dependent.

We must find the correct exercise prescription for you. Also, like many medicines, exercise can have addictive properties.
I believe that all things that happen in life are for a purpose, and most are precipitated by our unconscious behaviors. The secret is to become consciously aware.

Many seeming disasters are ultimately blessings. I believe in a world of good and goodness. It's often darkest just before the dawn and you can come out of this stronger and wiser and perhaps in a few years you'll look back and have a compassionate laugh for yourself. When you're right in the middle it's difficult, but I suggest you see this as the middle of the story, not the end of the story yet.

Great job on the recovery from the motorcycle accident. You show a lot of moxy. If you can get through that, you can get through this. Trust the ol' coach.

There's a saying that you can't take someone where you yourself have never been, and believe me, I've been where you've been on all levels.

In Strength & Health!

Coach Steve

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john said...

Hey Steve,

Enjoyed your report on Tahiti. It appears that you, like Gauguin, found a certain inspiration in that place.

Your beach workout story was great.

By the way, did you perform the "double entendre" for reps ;-)

P.S. Have you considered moonlighting as a travel writer?